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Low Voltage Ride Thru Technology (LVRT) | 5 Types of Modern Wind Turbine Technology

Low Voltage Ride Thru Technology In renewable power generation the wind energy has been noted as the most rapidly growing technology; it attracts interest as one of the most cost-effective ways to generate electricity from renewable sources. Because of some challenges such as conventional energy sources consumption,  pollution,  global climate change and security of energy…

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WindVAR Technology | Wind Volt-Amp-Reactive | Various Wind Power Generator Technologies

WindVar Technology Today through Wind Volt-Amp-Reactive (“WindVAR Technology”) electronics, voltage is controlled and regulated in real-time. Similar to conventional utility generator, WindVAR Technology supplies reactive power to the grid at the time its needed. in a fraction of a second , regulating system voltage and stabilizing weak grids. With the ability to supply reactive power…

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Introduction To Wind Turbine | Wind Turbine Design | 2 Types of Modern Wind Turbine Technology

Introduction to Wind Turbine Wind energy is the world’s fastest-growing energy technology.  It is a clean energy source that is reliable, efficient, and reduces the cost of energy for homeowners, farmers, and businesses. Wind turbines can be used to produce electricity for a single home or building, or they can be connected to an electricity…

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Failure Analysis

Factor of Safety, FOS

Factor of Safety It is common practice to size the machine elements, so that the maximum design stress is below the UTS (Ultimate Tensile Stress) or yield stress by an appropriate factor – the Factor of Safety, based on UTS(Ultimate Tensile Stress) or Yield Strength. The factor of safety also known as Safety Factor, is…

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Poisson’s Ratio | 10 Quick Tips About Basics Of Mechanical Engineering

Poisson’s Ratio When an element is stretched in one direction, it tends to get thinner in the other two directions. Hence, the change in longitudinal and lateral strains are opposite in nature (generally). Poisson’s ratio ν, named after Simeon Poisson, is a measure of this tendency. It is defined as the ratio of the contraction…

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Finite Element Analysis | FEA | List Of FEA Software’s | List of Open Source Software’s in Finite Element Analysis | List Of Commercial Software’s in FEA

Finite Element Analysis – List of FEA Software’s (Open Source and Commercial Software’s) What is Finite Element Analysis? Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique used in engineering analysis. It uses a numerical technique called the finite element method (FEM). In this, the object or system is represented by a geometrically similar model…

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Plastics | Utility Of Plastics | Engineering Plastics

Utility of Plastics Plastics are excellent materials with unique and very useful properties. You can produce just about anything you can imagine using plastics. Characteristics of Plastics History Of Plastics: 1. Before Plastics—Age of the Natural Resins Rubber—Tough elastic substance (light cream or dark amber colored) from the milky juice (sap) of rubber tree Ebonite—Hard…

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Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) Diesel Engines

Turbocharged Direct Injection Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines are responsive and fun to drive, as well as being very efficient. They offer more power, with great fuel economy, which all helps to lower emissions. Why drive a TDI? You’ll enjoy the savings. Economical fuel consumption, long service and maintenance intervals, plus low emissions, all…

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Turbocharged Stratified Injection (TSI) Engines | TSI Technology

Turbocharged Stratified Injection Turbocharged Stratified Injection (TSI) technology offers you great performance with fuel economy and low emissions. TSI engines offer an enjoyable and involving drive, while cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Because TSI engines are cleaner, you’ll also save on car tax. So they have a smaller impact on the environment, are kinder…

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Interior Farming | Interior Cultivation | Home Farming

Interior Farming This Modern Decorative blends in beautifully with any interior and does a magnificent job of recycling wasted organic matter. A part of the waste is used for cultivating and maintaining a green patch and the rest is used to produce methane. Home / Restaurants dispose huge amount of organic waste. One part of…

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Latest Mechanical Updates

Latest Mechanical Updates What is the Material composition in IBR tubes? | Latest Mechanical Updates Carbon max………………… 0.10% Manganese max……………. 0.60% Nickel max…………………. 0.25% Sulphur max………………… 0.050% Phosphorus max…………….. 0.050% Related Posts:Engine Combustion and…Conventional and…Latest Interview…Plasma Arc Welding |…Aerogel | World’s…Kinetic Energy… Popular on BlogMech Right Now:Manufacturing And Design Defects | Manufacturing Defect Examples Major…

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Latest Mechanical Interview Questions Answers | Thermal Interview Q & A | Automobile Interview Q & A

Latest Mechanical Interview Questions Answers What happens if gasoline is used in a Diesel engine? Diesel engine will work ? No, It will not work,as the Compression ratio of Petrol engine is 6 to 10 & that of Diesel engine is 15 to 22. Thus on such high compression, gasoline gets highly compressed & it…