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Latest Interview Questions & Answers

Latest Mechanical Interview Questions Answers | Thermal Interview Q & A | Automobile Interview Q & A

Latest Mechanical Interview Questions Answers What happens if gasoline is used in a Diesel engine? Diesel engine will work ? No, It will not work,as the Compression ratio of Petrol engine is 6 to 10 & that of Diesel engine is 15 to 22. Thus on such high compression, gasoline gets highly compressed & it…

01-Technical Interview questions answers-how to prepare for technical interview-job interview-getting a job
Latest Interview Questions & Answers

Technical Interview Questions Answers | Technical Interview Questions & Tips | Strength Of Materials Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions Answers Which type of shaft is preferred for power transmission, solid or hollow one? | Technical Interview questions answers Hollow shaft utilize material strength more efficiently, so hollow shaft used if you concerned about weight. But, when weight is not a concern, solid shaft is better (stronger, of course), easy to fabricate….

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Portable Solar Power Plant, Water Purifier And Fuel Cell In One | Hydra Water Purifier

Portable Solar Power Plant Hydra Water Purifier In many areas of the world, and also during times of natural disasters, clean drinking water and access to power are scarce.  The company The Essential Element has designed the Hydra water purifier and fuel cell to take care of both of those problems at once. The Hydra…

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Latest Interview Questions & Answers

Floating Solar Power Plants | Floating Data Centers | Liquid Solar Arrays (LSA) | New Solar Technologies | Concentrated Photovoltaic Technology

Floating Solar Power Plants There’s a lot of surface area on this planet for solar panels. The ocean’s are a vast area to utilize this solar technology.  But,  the weather can make the installation and use of floating solar arrays difficult.  That’s not the case with LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays) by Sunengy Pty LTD. The…

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RTV Molding | Urethane Casting | Room Temperature Vulcanized

RTV Molding What Is a Composite Part? A part that combines a resin and reinforcing strands can properly be referred to as a composite.  This includes what is commonly referred to as fiberglass (technically, it should be called fiberglass reinforced plastic), but there are many other materials that are used in composite parts.  To achieve…

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New Powerful Capacitors | High Energy Storage And Rapid Current Discharge Batteries Technology | New Nano Composite Processing Technique

A new technique for creating films of barium titanate (BaTiO3) nano particles in a polymer matrix could allow fabrication of improved new powerful capacitors able to store twice as much energy as conventional devices. The improved new powerful capacitors could be used in consumer devices such as cellular telephones – and in defense applications requiring…

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Automobile Engineering

Advanced Battery Storage Technology | Ultra Capacitor Battery Storage unit | Barium-Titanate Insulator

Advanced Battery Storage Technology For decades, Advanced battery storage technology has been a heavy weight on the back of scientific innovation. From cell phones to electric vehicles, our technological capabilities always seem to be several steps ahead of our ability to power them. Several promising new technologies are currently under development to help power the…

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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions What is the purpose of scrapper ring | Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Scrap the excess lube oil from the cylinder walls. There by preventing oil from entering combustion zone. Related Posts:Fuel Cell Car | How…What Is Fuel Cell…construction and…Biodiesel Progress and…Combustion and…Valve Timing Diagram |… Popular on BlogMech Right Now:Engine Variable…

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Automobile Engineering

New Battery Technology | Complete Recharge Within One Minute | Fast Recharge Batteries | 3D Batteries | 3D Film Technology

New Battery Technology Fast Recharge Batteries Of all the criticisms of electric vehicles, probably the most commonly-heard is that their batteries take too long to recharge – after all, limited range wouldn’t be such a big deal if the cars could be juiced up while out and about, in just a few minutes. Well, while…

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Nano Composite Material | Calculate High Cycle Fatigue | Repeated Mechanical Stress Create Stronger Nano Composites

Nano Composite Material If someone does a lot of arm curls at the gym, the typical result is that the bones and muscles in their arms will get stronger. Recently, researchers at Houston’s Rice University inadvertently created a nano composite that behaves in the same way. Although the material doesn’t respond to static stress, repeated…

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Automobile Engineering

Kinetic Energy Recovery System | KERS | Formula One (F1) KERS | How It Works

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) The introduction of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) is one of the most significant technical introductions for the Formula One Race. Formula One have always lived with an environmentally unfriendly image and have lost its relevance to road vehicle technology. This eventually led to the introduction of KERS. KERS is…

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Automobile Engineering

How Fuel Cells Work

How Fuel Cells Work An electrochemical reaction occurs between hydrogen and oxygen that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Think of them as big batteries, but ones that only operate when fuel—in this case, pure hydrogen—is supplied to them. When it is, an electrochemical reaction takes place between the hydrogen and oxygen that directly converts…

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Automobile Engineering

Fuel Cell Car | How Fuel Cell Works | Detail Explanation of Fuel Cell Parts

Fuel Cell Car Fuel Cell Stacks This is the heart of the hydrogen fuel cell car—the fuel cell stacks. Their maximum output is 86 kilowatts, or about 107 HP. Because hydrogen fuel cell stacks produce power without combustion, they can be up to twice as efficient as internal combustion engines. They also produce zero carbon…

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Mechanical Engineering

The Power Of Foot Steps into Energy | Electricity Produced By The Piezo Electricity Theory | GE New Piezo Electric Charging

The Power Of Foot Steps into Energy A team of college students came together to design a new traffic intersection that transforms the power of footsteps into energy. The theories behind piezoelectricity, or the conversion of movements and vibrations into electricity, have existed for over 100 years. Very few applications of piezoelectricity exist in this…