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1. Where Multi-stage pump used

Pressure washing of Aircraft, Trains, Boats and Road vehicles as well as Spray washing of industrial parts and Electronic components.

2.  What is the function of Scoop in BFP (Boiler Feed Water Pump) in Thermal Power Station?

The Function of Scoop tube is regulating the varying amount of oil level in the coupling during operation of infinite variable speed.

3.  In the Thermal Power Plant why Deaerator (D/A) placed on height?

To build a Very high pressure and the temperature for a boiler feed water pump and it discharge high pressure water to the boiler.

And to provide the required Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) for the BFW pump and to serve as a storage tank to ensure a continuous supply of feed water during rapid changes in BFP.

4.  How to determine the capacity of Refrigeration system? How we use Condenser coils, Compressor, Capillarity?

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To determine the Refrigeration system by test of C.O.P and use the Condenser coils, Compressor, Capillarity, based on the properties

5.  In orifice why the Pressure and Temperature are decreases?

Orifice is a small hole like a nozzle. When a high pressure fluid passes through the orifice, Pressure gets reduced suddenly and the velocity of the fluid gets increased. Also the heat transfer rate increases. We know that Heat transfer rate is directly proportional to the difference in temperature, Area and the Heat transfer coefficient. Heat transfer Coefficient remains constant for a fluid at a particular temperature.     

Q= KA (T1-T2)

If the heat transfer rate increases, it seems the difference in temperature gets increased. There is no way in reduction of inlet temperature of the orifice. As a result, the outlet temperature of the orifice gets reduced. Hence the pressure and temperature gets reduced when it passes through orifice.

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6.  What is the difference between Bolt and Screw?

The main difference was based on the load acting on it, and the size. For smaller loads, screws are enough but in case of greater-loads, bolts are to be used. In bolt we give centrifugal force or tangential force and screw we give axial force for driving.

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