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15 Placement Interview Questions In Mechanical Engineering | Every Technical Interview From A Mechanical Engineering Graduate’s Point Of View.

Placement Interview Questions In Mechanical Engineering Interview Panel, this article is designed to help students prepare for their placement interviews in mechanical engineering. Here is a list of popular placement interview questions, as well as a few behavioral interview questions and technical interview questions that you may ask a mechanical engineer when you meet with them for an interview.

You have been invited for an interview by a renowned company X. This is your first job and you are looking forward to it quite a bit. In fact, you’ve done all the preparations required for the interview and now you’re readying yourself to face the panel of experts that will be interviewing you. While we can’t tell you exactly what questions they’ll ask, here’s a list of some common questions asked during placement interviews:

The following is a list of common questions and answers that may be asked in an engineering interview. It is important to remember that the emphasis of these interviews should be on communication skills. The interviewer wants to know if you can effectively communicate complex technical information in a clear and concise manner.

What is true of the following statements?
1. A good interview question requires us to give an answer within the first second.
2. It’s better to ask open-ended questions than close-ended questions because they will provoke more thought and allow for a better understanding of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
3. A good interview question gives us insight into how an applicant thinks rather than what he/she knows, therefore asking open-ended questions is always better than closed-ended

Questions to Ask Candidates in Mechanical Engineering Interview Panel


You may begin by asking some broad engineering interview questions that are not specifically relevant to mechanical engineering to get the conversation going. These are great icebreakers that will help you get to know the applicant better.

Why did you decide to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering?

An opportunity to learn more about the candidate’s interests in mechanical engineering is provided by this mechanical interview question. It assists in revealing their enthusiasm for the profession as well as what they find interesting about engineering in general.

Are they searching for any position, or are they trying to improve society via good engineering design?

Tell us about your very first technical project.  Hire managers get a better understanding of mechanical engineering applicants’ early design work when they ask mechanical engineering candidates about their early design work.  They also acquire an understanding of their own thinking processes as well as some of the popular engineering design concepts.

What is the most important skill a mechanical engineer should possess?

During this interview question, the mechanical engineering candidate will be given the opportunity to describe what makes a successful engineer.  Depending on who you ask, you may get a range of responses. Strong analytical abilities, problem-solving abilities, arithmetic abilities, innovative design abilities, and a thorough understanding of engineering principles are some of the responses.

What is your preferred computer-aided design software? And for what reason?

Which CAD program do they prefer, Creo, SolidWorks, CATIA, Inventor, or another CAD softwares? There is no right or incorrect answer here, and their previous expertise with CAD software will be heavily influenced by the sectors in which they have worked.  As a result, different sectors have different preferences when it comes to CAD software packages.

In addition, the interviewer will have the opportunity to ask further questions regarding the CAD program that they have worked with. This will provide the interviewer with a chance to determine whether or not the applicant has the CAD expertise required for the position.

Describe a recent engineering skill you’ve acquired | Placement Interview Questions

Engineers who are enthusiastic about acquiring new abilities, computer programs, and problem-solving techniques are in high demand. Pay close attention to what the candidate has to say to determine whether or not they like learning new things and are flexible to a variety of circumstances.

What is your most successful technical project that you can tell me about?

This allows the mechanical engineer to highlight their most notable engineering work. Give an explanation of why they were successful, what contributions they contributed to it, any technical skills that were utilized, and what they learnt from the experience.

Have you ever been a part of an engineering project that went wrong?

Some of the most valuable learning experiences come from initiatives that don’t work out. When an engineer has worked on many projects over the course of his or her career, there will be occasions when things do not go as planned.  An engineer who is willing to acknowledge and learn from his or her errors has the potential to become a better engineer.

Describe some of your favorite mechanical engineering achievements.

The only incorrect response is to reply “Any activity.” Every engineer has engineering jobs that they prefer to do over others, such as solving equations, design engineering, creating prototypes, testing, engineering analysis, or conveying the design to other engineers and scientists.  This question provides you with an opportunity to determine if the primary activities required by the position are ones that the engineer likes doing.

Describe your procedure for identifying and correcting errors.

The common mechanical engineering interview question will allow you to get a better grasp of the mechanical engineer’s thinking processes by asking this topic.  Moreover, you may get an understanding of their everyday processes and problem-solving abilities.

Do you prefer working alone or as part of an engineering team?

This mechanical engineering interview question may help you evaluate whether or not they are a team player or whether they are better suited for solitary projects and employment in the industry.

Have you ever delivered unfinished technical work to a client? If yes, what is the reason behind this?

Companies and workers are often under pressure to meet tight deadlines in order to complete their job. Consequently, drawings and engineering work are provided to the customer that may be insufficient or inaccurate.  These careless techniques may irritate an engineer or management who has to clean up the mess afterwards.

How would you convey a complicated design to someone who is not technically trained?

It is possible that an engineer who is able to communicate complicated concepts and technical designs in simple words will be a valuable resource for a number of reasons.  In order to win a bid, one of these efforts is interacting with targeted buyers.

They may also assist an existing customer who has been asking technical inquiries about the project engineering variables in better understanding the variables.

Mechanical Engineer Behavioral Placement Interview Questions


  • What methods do you use to prioritize tasks when you’re under time constraints.
  • How would you deal with an unnecessary delay to your project schedule?
  • Describe a situation in which you had to deal with a tough colleague or boss. What strategies did you use to deal with that individual’s interactions?
  • What strategies have you used to deal with engineering failures at work?
  • How did you interact with your prior engineering managers?

Technical Mechanical Engineering placement Interview Questions

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Interview job tips

1. Where Multi-stage pump used | Placement Interview Questions

Pressure washing of Aircraft, Trains, Boats and Road vehicles as well as Spray washing of industrial parts and Electronic components.

2.  What is the function of Scoop in BFP (Boiler Feed Water Pump) in Thermal Power Station? | Placement Interview Questions

The Function of Scoop tube is regulating the varying amount of oil level in the coupling during operation of infinite variable speed.

3.  In the Thermal Power Plant why Deaerator (D/A) placed on height? | Placement Interview Questions

To build a Very high pressure and the temperature for a boiler feed water pump and it discharge high pressure water to the boiler.

And to provide the required Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) for the BFW pump and to serve as a storage tank to ensure a continuous supply of feed water during rapid changes in BFP.

4.  How to determine the capacity of Refrigeration system? How we use Condenser coils, Compressor, Capillarity? | Placement Interview Questions

To determine the Refrigeration system by test of C.O.P and use the Condenser coils, Compressor, Capillarity, based on the properties

5.  In orifice why the Pressure and Temperature are decreases? | Placement Interview Questions

Orifice is a small hole like a nozzle. When a high pressure fluid passes through the orifice, Pressure gets reduced suddenly and the velocity of the fluid gets increased. Also the heat transfer rate increases. We know that Heat transfer rate is directly proportional to the difference in temperature, Area and the Heat transfer coefficient. Heat transfer Coefficient remains constant for a fluid at a particular temperature.

Q= KA (T1-T2)

If the heat transfer rate increases, it seems the difference in temperature gets increased. There is no way in reduction of inlet temperature of the orifice. As a result, the outlet temperature of the orifice gets reduced. Hence the pressure and temperature gets reduced when it passes through orifice.

6.  What is the difference between Bolt and Screw? | Placement Interview Questions

The main difference was based on the load acting on it, and the size. For smaller loads, screws are enough but in case of greater-loads, bolts are to be used. In bolt we give centrifugal force or tangential force and screw we give axial force for driving.


Technical interview questions for mechanical engineering positions can vary greatly depending on the company and position. However, most technical interview questions focus on a candidate’s ability to solve problems in a specific field. In this article, we have provided you with 15 common technical interview questions that will help prepare you for your next job interview.

The technical placement interview questions listed above were compiled by our team of professional engineers and cover a wide range of topics. We hope these can be used as a guide for conducting your own interview process. For more information on the best ways to hire an engineer, check out some of our other blog posts today!

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