Look at the room you are sitting in. You will see a wide variety of shapes that are strong enough to be pulled, squashed, bent, twisted, hit or dropped.

Shapes And Structures

The walls of your room may be made of building blocks, stacked together. Each block has an oblong or rectangular, shape..

Your body has to be made of strong shapes as well. Feel your arms and legs. They are long and round, similar to rods, or cylinders. Now feel your head. It is round in every direction, roughly ball-shaped or a sphere.

How Does The Shape Of The Structure Affect Its Strength

A pyramid was the strong shape the ancient Egyptians used to build their famous burial chambers. Cones are strong shapes, too. Look at the sharp ends of needles, for example.

Our world is exciting because the mix of shapes and materials is almost endless. In this blog you will see a wide variety of interesting shapes. Some are made with everyday materials, others with very special materials. Some of the strongest shapes are made by nature, others by the clever skills of engineers.

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What Are Common Steel Structures

Strong shapes are all around you, so there is plenty to look out for. Just turn to next blog posts and start your investigations.

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