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SolidWorks COSMOS Applications | COSMOS Works Aerospace Applications | COSMOS Works Automotive Applications

SolidWorks COSMOS Applications in Aerospace and Automotive Industries

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Solidworks COSMOS-Aerospace applications-product development

SolidWorks COSMOS has been used in the aerospace industry for wide ranging applications involving kinematic analysis, Finite element analysis and Fluid flow computation.

Some of the Solidworks COSMOS Applications capabilities include:

  • Shock and vibration calculations
  • Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation
  • Modal Analysis and Frequency response calculations
  • Weight Reduction and Shape Optimization
  • Force estimations in actuators, mechanisms and complex mechanical devices
  • Cooling and Thermal Management of Avionics
  • Structural Strength and Buckling Calculations

SolidWorks COSMOS Applications in Automotive Industries:



Being an affordable FEA solution, SolidWorks COSMOS applications has been well received by the automotive industry for system level as well as component level analysis involving critical design function on one side and aggressive cost / Weight targets on the other. To be globally competitive, the automotive suppliers have chosen COSMOS to improve reliability, eliminate field failures, optimize designs and enhance efficiency very easily.

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New product development-FEA solutions-concept design

SolidWorks COSMOS Applications Specific capabilities include the following:

  • Strength, Durability, Factor of Safety & Stiffness calculations for Body-in-White, Trim body, Chassis aggregates.
  • Frequency response for multi source excitations including Random response
  • Response to Fixed and Variable frequency excitations with specified accelerations for engine and body mounted sub systems.
  • Fatigue and Life prediction calculations
  • Thermal Management of braking and exhaust systems
  • Evaluation of alternate materials to satisfy functional requirements
  • Fluid flow in sub systems such as Fans, Radiator, Centrifugal pumps and Turbo Chargers
  • Thermal and Airflow management of engine electronics
  • Analysis to test correlations of strains, frequencies, mode-shapes, temperature, displacement, velocities and accelerations.
  • Full vehicle simulation of vehicles, buses, trucks, Utility vehicles, loaders, trailers among others
  • Perform nonlinear analysis on plastics, rubbers, polymers, and foam
  • Conduct contact analysis coupled with nonlinear materials
  • Determine failure due to fatigue from cyclic loading on your designs
  • Study the performance of your design under dynamic loads
  • See the behavior of composite materials

COSMOSWorks Designer | SolidWorks COSMOS Applications

Advantages of SolidWorks Simulation for Automotive Applications | SolidWorks COSMOS Applications

  • Wide range of Analysis – From components to Sub-systems to Full Systems
  • Kinematic Analysis using Cosmos Motion for mechanisms such suspension, door and other closures, wiper systems, actuating linkages such as braking, acceleration and clutch sub-systems
  • Non-linear Simulation of Elastomers, Tyres, Seals, Gaskets, reinforced rubber components for strains, performance, durability, sealing effectiveness, pressure foot-print, deflections
  • Stiffness, Durability, Triaxial / Random Vibration and Life estimation for automotive components such as mounts, engine mounted systems and body-mounted systems
  • Stiffness and strain calculations for sheet metal components, chassis sub-systems, transmission sub-systems, Body-in-white (BIW) and Trim Body
  • Life Calculations of sub-systems such as wheels, suspension spindles, steering systems among others
  • Fluid Flow calculations for pumps, pressure-regulating devices, radiator fans, engine-electronics cooling, braking system, power-steering fluid circuits, cooling circuits and lubricating galleries.

Return on Investment using SolidWorks Simulation has been the highest among contemporary FEA Software. Design Optimization based on CAD models is easily accomplished in native CAD environment resulting in reduced time and cost.

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