Types Of Belt Conveyor Drives | Belt Conveyor Drive Arrangement

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Types of Belt Conveyor Drives:

  • Single Unsnubbed Bare / Lagged pulley Drive
  • Snubbed Bare / Lagged Pulley Drive
  • Tandem Drive
  • Special Drives

Single Unsnubbed Bare / Lagged Pulley Drive:

This is the simplest drive arrangement consisting of a steel pulley connected to a motor and the belt wrapped round it on an arc of 180°. This can be used for low capacity short center conveyors handling non-abrasive material. The pulley may be lagged to increase the coefficient of friction.

01-unsnubbed bare pulley-lagging-snub pulley-belt conveyor drive arrangement-driving pulley-tandem drive

Snubbed Bare / Lagged Pulley Drive:

Here the angle of wrap is increased from 180° to 210° or even up to 230°, by providing a snub pulley to the driving pulley. In majority of medium to large capacity belt conveyors, handling mild abrasive to fairly abrasive materials, 210° snub pulley drive with load pulley lagged with hard rubber is adopted.

01-snubbed bare pulley drive-snubbed lagged drive pulley-large capacity belt conveyors-snub pulley-driving pulley

Tandem drive:

Here belt tension estimated to be high; the angle of wrap is increased by adopting tandem drives. Both of tandem pulleys are driven. The tandem drive with arc of contact from 300° to 480° or more can operate with one or two motors. The location of such drive is usually determined by the physical requirements of the plant and structural constraints.

01-tandem drive-two pulley drives-belt conveyor angle of wrap-types of belt conveyor drives-belt conveyor drive arrangement

Special Drive:

Special drives with snub pulleys and pressure belts used in heavy and long conveyors.

01-pressure belts-special belt conveyor drives-tandem drive-driving pulley-special drive with pressure belt

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