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Manufacturing Process Types:

It is classified into four types:

1. Casting

2. Material Removal

3. Deformation Process

4. Consolidation Process

01-manufacturing process types-process of manufacturing


Further Classified into:

1. Expandable mould

a. Sand Casting

b. Shell Casting

c. Investment Casting

d. Lost Wax Casting

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2. Multiple Use Mould

a. Die casting

b. Permanent Mould Casting

01-metal casting-sand mold casting-permanent molding

3. Mechanical Machining

a. Turning

b. Milling

c. Drilling

d. Boring

e. Sawing

01-manufacturing process-manufacturing technology

4. Non-Traditional Machining

a. Etching

b. Electro-polishing

c. Electro-Discharge Machining

d. Water Jet machining

e. Abrasive Jet Machining

f. Laser Beam Machining

01-non traditional machining-electrochemical machining process

5. Hot Bulk Forming

a. Forging

b. Rolling

c. Extrusion

01-hot bulk forming-extrusion process-Aluminum_extruded_profiles_extrusion

6. Cold Forming

a. Swaging

b. Roll Forming

c. Deep Drawing

d. Wire Drawing

01-cold forming process-wire drawing-steel wires

7. Welding

a. Oxy-fuel

b. Arc

c. Plasma

d. Resistance

e. Laser

01-laser welding process-laser welding jewellery

8. Mechanical Joining

a. Discrete fasteners

b. Integral Fasteners

c. Press fit

d. Shrink fit

01-mechanical joining process-fasteners

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