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Types Of Manufacturing Process | Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Process Types:

It is classified into four types:

  1. Casting

  2. Material Removal

  3. Deformation Process

  4. Consolidation Process


Further Classified into:

1. Expandable mould

a. Sand Casting

b. Shell Casting

c. Investment Casting

d. Lost Wax Casting


2. Multiple Use Mould

a. Die casting

b. Permanent Mould Casting


3. Mechanical Machining

a. Turning

b. Milling

c. Drilling

d. Boring

e. Sawing


4. Non-Traditional Machining

a. Etching

b. Electro-polishing

c. Electro-Discharge Machining

d. Water Jet machining

e. Abrasive Jet Machining

f. Laser Beam Machining


5. Hot Bulk Forming

a. Forging

b. Rolling

c. Extrusion


6. Cold Forming

a. Swaging

b. Roll Forming

c. Deep Drawing

d. Wire Drawing


7. Welding

a. Oxy-fuel

b. Arc

c. Plasma

d. Resistance

e. Laser


8. Mechanical Joining

a. Discrete fasteners

b. Integral Fasteners

c. Press fit

d. Shrink fit

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