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What is WiMAX | Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access | Next Generation 4G Wireless Technology



WiMAX, which stands for “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access,” is a subset of the standard, interoperable implementations within the IEEE 802.16 family of standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards.

WiMAX is the next generation of wireless technology designed to enable pervasive, high-speed mobile Internet access to the widest array of devices including notebook PCs, handsets, smartphones, and consumer electronics such as gaming devices, cameras, camcorders, music players, and more. As the fourth generation (4G) of wireless technology, WiMAX delivers low-cost, open networks and is the first all-IP mobile Internet solution enabling efficient and scalable networks for data, video, and voice. As a major driver in the support and development of WiMAX, Intel has designed embedded WiMAX solutions for a variety of mobile devices supporting the future of high-speed broadband on the go.


How does WiMAX work?

Think of WiMAX as taking the best part of cellular network access– the part that allows you to easily connect anywhere within your service provider’s wide coverage area and taking the best part of your Wi-Fi experience—the fast speeds and a familiar broadband Internet Experience. And combining them into a new wireless standard.

WiMAX is a Wide Area Network (WAN) technology. Service providers will deploy a network of towers that will enable access over many miles. Internet access is instantly available anywhere within coverage areas. And like Wi-Fi, WiMAX is a standards-based technology that will unleash the benefits of open markets and global economies of scale to deliver the devices and services that consumers want.

Imagine Broadband on the Go:


Broadband that travels with you across town or across the nation makes all things Internet available on your terms. WiMAX enables the freedom and convenience that comes from having your Internet standing by where and when you need it—staying connected on the go to the people, communities, and resources that make up our lives. Broadband on the go is your front-row seat to all the rich multimedia Internet applications you already use, and exciting future possibilities enabled by Mobile WiMAX. •

Playing in Real-Time

Play multiplayer 3-D games, view YouTube* videos, listen to radio broadcasts—it’s all there waiting to entertain you on the go.

Working Smarter:

WiMAX pulls productivity out of thin air. Capture lost time by doing things in areas previously unavailable.

Working on the go changes the rules of competition by allowing you to be more productive.

Staying in Touch:

Broadband on the go is about keeping in touch with family, friends, and your communities using all the typical tools like e-mail and IM, but WiMAX adds face-to-face video conferencing and voice to your connections.

Locating people and places

A spontaneous lifestyle is enabled by WiMAX. Location-based services create a new paradigm in accessing real-time information where and when you need it. Mobilizing Your Internet 6.

Receiving TV and Radio on the Go.

There are just more streams of data available with WiMAX, so why not pipe broadcast television and radio into a Mobile WiMAX device? Radio stations already co-broadcast over the Internet. Mobile Internet-based TV transmissions also set the stage for content-on-demand services like movies and sporting events.

Get Ready for WiMAX:

Major wireless service providers are already planning to roll out WiMAX, and Intel is enabling mass market adoption of WiMAX in notebooks and other mobile Internet devices similar to the way it enabled Wi-Fi in notebooks. WiMAX is a global, standards-based technology that is being adopted and deployed in many countries around the world.

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