Wind up Battery Charger

Wind Up Battery Charger-Crank Up Battery-Battery Storage Technology-Hand Powered Spinning Re-Charger Battery

Wind Up Battery Charger-Crank Up Battery-Battery Storage Technology-Hand Powered Spinning Re-Charger Battery

The Wind up battery charger is the endless independent source of power. It is the only tool you will need to charge your mobile phone batteries, notebook batteries, GPS or any other modern gadget which is in this information-packed world essential life companion. The use of wind up battery charger is easy and being that it is totally portable and independent power supply, it is a valuable part of accessory of every trekker’s, backpacker’s, traveler’s adventures journey. It is also an essential back up power supply for any critical emergency events when there is no power supply available nearby.

How does Wind up Battery Charger work?



The wind up battery mechanism uses internal generator, which is usually hand-powered by spinning the handle on the device. The hand motion, in which AC alternator is driven by a crank converts human mechanical energy and generates the electrical power, by spinning magnets past a coil of wire, which is stored in battery. To charge the device, utilizing the wind up mechanism the hand crank needs to be pulled out of the folded position, and spun in clockwise/counterclockwise direction. After some time of cranking, when the device is charged the handle is folded into position and the device is available to use.

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There are also foot powered wind up battery devices, which generate power and self charge by human energy through step action. These are able to jump-start a boat or automobile battery, and power a wide array of instruments and accessories and present a valuable and versatile tool for power supply.

The Devices using wind up mechanism

There are several devices on market which utilize the wind up mechanism. It can be used as a wind up battery charger, wind up flashlight, wind up radio, wind up clock, mp3 player, or a larger electricity supply unit. Usually there are hand cranks folded into the devices, which can be pulled out when needed. The wind up devices are a great way to promote environmentally clean green energy source as the power is derived through windup mechanism which efficiently harvests the human energy and converts it to electricity.

If you are an environmentally conscious consumer who likes to travel and have a power charger available for his electric devices and an emergency power supply then the wind up battery is the device to look for.




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    friends, the northeast us just came thru a freak storm and millions are without heat and light, many have died from co2 poisoning can’t anyone invent a long running crank mechanism for small emergency heaters and other emergency devices that you wind like an alarm clock instead of the current hand cranks which constantly have to be recranked. my alarm clock has to be wound up only once every 24 hours or so. why not the same mechanism for my radio or flashlights?

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