Solid State Battery | Solid State Electrolyte | Thin Film Batteries


Solid state battery You should definitely have a lithium-ion battery in your phone or camera that is compact, charges faster and rechargeable. These are solid lithium electrodes mounted in a liquid electrolyte. Solid state batteries dampen liquid electrolyte, with a rigid conducting substance, for example polymer or ceramics. These batteries would charge faster and last longer in a smaller pack

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Dyson Car Patent | Dyson EV Patent


Dyson Car Patent “All done, see you! Internal combustion engines, cherish electric vehicles” – This is the mantra of automobile makers, all of whom commit to switch towards emission-free vehicles, whereas the policymakers have tossed forth several proposals in the span of three decades to ban gasoline and diesel engines. Thank goodness, Dyson electric car has approached to agonistically announce

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Transportation and Climate Change | Carbon Emissions by Transport Type


Transportation and Climate Change Road transport produces about one fifth of the world’s CO2, the main greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions an automobile and carbon dioxide emissions by Transport, Type. Even though the emissions decreased by 3.3% in 2012, they are 20.5% higher than the 1990 emissions. Transport is the world’s main sector in which emissions of GHGs continue to increase.

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Electric Car and Pollution | Carbon Footprint of Electric Cars vs Gasoline


This post addresses the topic of Electric car and Pollution, Carbon Footprint of Electric Cars v’s Gasoline, Low Emission Development Strategies, as well as the Electric Vehicles are good for the environment. Electric motor vehicles are admired, due to no harmed emissions on the path, as an economically sustainable option to fuel driven cars. Electric Car and Pollution The transport

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Recycled PET Filament | Recycle Failed 3D Prints | Recycle PLA


Recycle Failed PLA and PET 3D Prints The excess or recycle – filament or failed 3D printed plastic may be turned into useful PLA filament or PET filament using a recycling spooler device. The machine grinds and melts the polymer. Hence it is extruded and coiled over a spool. Most devices are either grinding or melting, which ensures you can

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3D Printing in Electronics Industry | Quantum Dot Display | Bionic Ear | CUBESAT 3D Printing


3D Printing in Electronics Industry In order to achieve miniaturization, low energy consumption and intelligent performance, the electronic devices require suitable mechanical, geometric and optical functions. Thanks to increasingly evolving technologies, the development of designs and completed goods has to shift. Throughout the manufacture of electrical instruments, the traditional approach is to mask and etch sacrificial products using subtractive techniques.

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NASA Additive Manufacturing | 3D Printing Aerospace | Aurora Flight Sciences


NASA Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace The aerospace industry is one of the most exciting fields of the development of Additive Manufacturing (I.e. 3D Printing). This sector accounts for almost 20 % of the overall Additive Manufacturing business today, according to the Wohler survey. Light weight and high strength materials are probably recommended in aerospace applications. Additive Manufacturing’s value relies on

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3D Printing Human Organs | 3D Printed Bone Tissue | 3D Printing Skin Tissue | 3D Printed Ear


3D Printing Human Organs Human Organs 3D printing uses three – dimensional computer printing techniques in which a computer 3D model is placed in a 3D printer and lays out successive polymer or latex layers before 3D objects are produced. The material that was used by printer is a biocompatible polymer in the situation of organ printing. The following section

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