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Sequential Control system for a Washing machine system

Sequential Control System | Washing Machine System Basic Operation

In many situation, various operations of a plant or process take place in a particular order. A sequential control system involve the sequential execution of well- defined operations that are performed in a prescribed order. Each operations or activity is called step. Each step may be an open or closed loop continues process or even a sequential sub- process. For example, while using automatic camera, the various basic steps in a sequence are switch on, battery check, auto- focus the image, auto flash on/off, taking the image, saving the image and then switching off the camera.

Each step of the prescribed sequence usually requires a switching of the equipment configuration and it may be triggered by time or an event(push of a button, completion of early task etc.).


Lighting System of a Car | Car Lightings

The lighting system in an automobile /car lightings includes the following: 
1. Headlights, 
2. Low beam headlights or Dipped headlights
3. Full beam headlights
4. Taillights
5. Parking Lights
6. Daytime running lights
7. Fog Lights
8. Blinker lights signal lights, indicator lights
9. Flashing signal lights
10. Hazard lights
11. Brake Light
12. Backup Lights / Reverse signal lights
13. Interior Lights / Driving Lamps