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Latest Mechanical Updates | Aptitude Questions For Mechanical Engineers

Latest Mechanical Updates

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What is the Material composition in IBR tubes? | Latest Mechanical Updates

Carbon max………………… 0.10%

Manganese max……………. 0.60%

Nickel max…………………. 0.25%

Sulphur max………………… 0.050%

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Phosphorus max…………….. 0.050%

What is the difference between P11 & P22 pipes?

P11 the chromium molybdenum composition that is 1% of chromium and 1/4% of molybdenum

P12 the chromium molybdenum composition that is 1% of chromium and 2% of molybdenum

1st law of Thermodynamics | Latest Mechanical Updates

a. Heat and Mechanical Work are mutually convertible.

b. Energy can be created nor be destroyed but it can be transferred from one form to another form

Difference between Unilateral tolerance and Bilateral tolerance

A unilateral tolerance is tolerance in which variation is permitted only in one direction from the specified direction.e.g. 1800 +0.000/-0.060

Bilateral tolerance is tolerance in which variation is permitted in both direction from the specified direction.e.g. 1800 +0.060/-0.060

Why we need two angle of projections ( 1st angle and 3rd angle)? Can’t we standardize to one.

Generally First angle projection is followed in India and 3rd angle projection is used in European countries. In 1st and 3rd angle projections there is no overlapping of principal planes while drawing side and top views. but in 2nd and 4th angle projections the principal planes are overlapped while drawing top and side views. It results confusion in drawing. For this reason 1st and 3rd angle projections are used commonly.

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During which of the following processes does heat rejection takes place in carnot vapour cycles | Latest Mechanical Updates

    1. Constant volume
    2. Constant pressure
    3. Constant temperature
    4. Constant entrophy


Constant Temperature

What is the difference between Corrective actions and preventive actions?

Corrective actions are taken on discrepancies noticed during inspection of products/documents/process whereas preventive actions are taken to eliminate the possibility of discrepancy in future.

What is the Shaft coupling and its types | Latest Mechanical Updates

It is used to join two shafts for transmission motion from one shaft to another shaft,it may be either flexible or rigid type.

Rigid coupling; (Muff coupling, Flange coupling, Marine coupling, Oldham”s coupling, Flexible coupling, Flexible bush pin coupling)

Oldham’s Coupling is used when axis of shaft are not aligned

Other types are:

loveys joy coupling

Spider coupling

Tyre coupling

Pin and bush coupling

Fluid coupling

Vulcan coupling

Flexible coupling

Universal coupling

Articulate joints

What is meant by One ton Air conditioner, how fast it cool a room.

1 ton refrigeration means 210 kJ/min extracts heat from the system.

Boyle’s law

Boyle’s law describes the inversely proportional relationship between the absolute pressure and volume of a gas.

When temperature increases the frequency of the tuning fork

a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remain same
d. Increases or decreases depending on the material

B. Decreases

During idling period, no petrol is drawn from the carburettor and the float inside the float chamber floats exerting pressure on the fluid as a result of which the inflow of the fuel to carburettor is stopped.

The exact analysis of viscous flow problems can be made by

a. Euler’s equation
b. Hagen poiseuille’s equation
c. Continuity equation
d. Navier-stroke’s equation

D. Navier – stroke’s equation

Latest Mechanical Updates | Aptitude Questions For Mechanical Engineers

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