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Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming Mirror | Opto Electronic Sensor Uses In Glare Free Rear View Mirror And Side View Mirror | Smart Glass With SPD Technology

The advantages of the Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming Mirror

This Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming mirror is sometimes known as auto-dimming rearview mirrors, which accurately describes what this technology achieves. When headlights reflect on the mirror’s surface, it dims automatically, reducing glare and discomfort. They do, however, dim in proportion to the amount of light shining on them.

As a result, with brighter headlights or when those headlights are closer to your automobile, the mirror will dim more. The following are some of the benefits:

A vision that is clearer than what is achievable with standard rearview mirror technology

As you can see, an Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming Mirror option may be worth considering if you need a new rearview mirror, and it may be preferable to rear view mirror repair if your current mirror is broken. This technology is also available on side view mirrors, however upgrading a car may be expensive.When purchasing a new automobile, most OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) provide electrochromatic side view mirrors as part of higher-end packages.

Electro-chromatic mirrors system:

01-electrochromatic rearview mirrors-auto dimming mirrors

Electro chromatic mirrors / Auto dimming mirrors use a combination of opto electronic sensors and complex electronics (sensors, circuit boards, micro-controllers, etc.) that constantly monitor ambient light and the intensity of light shining directly on the mirror. As soon as sensors detect glare, the electro chromatic surface of the mirror becomes darker to protect driver’s eyes and their concentration.

01-electrochromatic exterior rear view mirrors-auto dimming side view mirrors

The electro chromatic technology usually is applied to the inside rearview mirror / Side view mirror, where it basically saves you the trouble of flipping the mirror manually if blinded by the light which increases driving safety.

Working operation of Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming Mirror:

This auto dimming rearview mirror is installed on higher end vehicles. It consists of two lenses that sandwich an electro chromic (electronic color changing) gel. The inside sides of the lenses are coated with a transparent conductive layer coating and the deepest lens has a reflective coating.

01-electrochromatic rearview glare free mirrors-automatically darken by opto electronic sensor

This gel, when charged with electricity darkens, then clear once the glare is no longer detected. The mirror uses a forward sensor which measures the outside ambient light, and a rearward sensor to look for glare. When dark enough, it sends current to the electrostatic gel, darkening it a rate which is related to the level of ambient darkness and rearward glare. When the outside ambient light increases, the current decreases, until the gel is clear again at daylight light levels.

Types of Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming Mirror

What are auto dimming mirrors?

Auto dimming mirrors are a sort of rear view mirror that has the capacity to reduce the light that reflects off of its surface. These mirrors greatly decrease the glare of light from following cars, decreasing driver tiredness. Naturally, such mirrors come in handy while driving at night on busy routes with a lot of traffic. This sort of rear view mirror may be found on both the inside and outside of a car. Auto dimming mirrors were first introduced in the late 1950s, according to history. Their commercial application, on the other hand, began after 1980. Gentex is one of the most well-known auto dimming mirror manufacturers.

Why to use auto dimming mirrors?

While driving at night on a busy road, the glare of the light from behind that reflects from the mirror annoys the driver greatly. It also has a negative impact on visibility. Long-term exposure to such light causes considerable strain in the eyes of the driver. According to scientific research, a glare like this nearly doubles the driver’s reaction time, increasing the likelihood of an accident. To avoid such incidents, auto dimming mirrors are used by manufacturers. These mirrors are rapidly gaining favour in the automotive sector.

Advantages of Electro Chromatic Auto Dimming Mirror:

  • It improves nighttime visibility, which is otherwise impeded by glare from other vehicles’ lights.
  • Because of the increased visibility, it improves safety.
  • It decreases eye strain and tiredness in drivers.

Smart Glass with SPD (Suspended Particle Devices)

Managing light is a universal need for survival, and it is also an important component of art. Traditional techniques of controlling the amount of light that enters rooms and vehicles have their limits. Blinds, curtains, and shades reduce incoming sunshine, but they also reduce the amount of visible light. Tinted glass may be problematic since it can block too much light at times and not enough at others. Making the most of natural light and energy efficiency while utilizing these conventional techniques is a difficult task.

Using SPD Smart Glass, you may achieve the world’s most comprehensive answer to the problem of being connected to the outside world while simultaneously regulating incoming light, glare, and heat. SPD Smart Technology, which is a key component of daylight harvesting methods, has the potential to decrease energy consumption while simultaneously improving the well-being of building occupants and vehicle passengers. It serves as an inspiration for architectural, automotive, aeronautical, and maritime projects by encouraging innovation and beautiful design.

Strength of SPD Glass:

SPD Smart glass windows are extremely robust and durable making them suitable for overhead vitrages, children’s rooms, bedrooms, conservation areas, gymnastics centres, swimming pools etc.

Protection Against Noise:

When compared to conventional insulated glass units, the level of protection is much higher.

SPD Smart glass has a number of advantages.

  1. Light control that is both instantaneous and accurate
  2. Cost savings on cooling and lighting due to energy conservation
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. The elimination of the necessity for costly window dressings such as electronic louvers, blinds, and shades utilized in architectural applications as a result of the exceptional optical characteristics that minimize glare and eye strain.
  5. High durability, solid state technology, with no moving components to wear out or break
  6. Large sizes of any form may be manufactured with no limitations on production capacity.
  7. Color qualities that remain stable over the life of the unit
  8. There is a wide temperature range of – 30 to + 90 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  9. Controlling the temperature of the surrounding environment
  10. Appealing in terms of appearance
  11. Material that is hygienic and requires less maintenance
  12. Improved public perception of the company and its employees
  13. Wide light transmission ranges are available
  14. Reducing fading of carpets and furniture, in addition to safeguarding priceless artwork
  15. Protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
  16. Excellent UV stability
  17. Excellent contrast at every viewing angle and under any light level
  18. Reasonably priced.
  19. Long service life – tested to withstand more than 100,000 cycles.

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