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Job Interview Questions For Mechanical Engineering Freshers and Experience | Free Sample Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineering Freshers and Experienced

If you are looking for job opportunities in the mechanical engineering field, then you should definitely consider these job interview questions. These questions will help you gain insights into whether the company is suitable for you or not.

In today’s competitive environment, companies seek out candidates who possess strong technical skills. This is why they conduct interviews to assess their potential employees.

It is important to prepare well for the interview because it helps you get a better understanding of the company culture and its working environment. Here are some questions that you can ask during an interview to determine whether the company is suitable or not.

A mechanical engineer designs machines, structures, or systems that convert energy into useful forms, such as electricity or motion. The field involves designing machinery, tools, and devices as well as analyzing their performance. Mechanical engineers are responsible for creating new technologies, improving existing ones, or developing new materials.

To become a successful mechanical engineer, you should possess strong problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, communication skills, creativity, and the ability to multitask effectively. In addition, you should also be able to handle pressure and thrive under stress.

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What is D4D Technology used in the Toyota Vigo?

D-4D is widely recognized as one of the most advanced diesel technologies on the market today. Diesel engines relied on relatively simple technology with a low-pressure mechanical injector delivering fuel to a pre-combustion chamber in the cylinder head where a single ignition-fired by the intense heat of high compression – takes place.

Can you explain powder technology?

Powder technology is one of the ways of making bearing materials. In this method metals like bronze, Al, and Fe are mixed and compressed to make an alloy.

Why The fins at the top of a motorcycle engine cylinder are longer than those at the bottom of the cylinder because, 

  1. Hot air rises.
  2. The top is the hottest part.
  3. They are in an unexposed position.
  4. Extra strength is required at the top.


2. The top is the hottest part.


The bigger the surface area more the heat dissipation rate.

What is DTSi Technology? | Job Interview Questions

DTSI stands for Digital Twin Spark Plug Ignition. The vehicles with DTSI Technology use 2 spark plugs which are controlled by a digital circuit. It results in the efficient combustion of the air-fuel mixture.

  • Digital – Since the spark generation will be initiated by a microchip.
  • Twin Since two spark plugs will be used.
  • Spark ignition – Since the ignition will be done via a spark.

What is ATFT Technology used in the Honda Hunk?

ATFT means Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology, and Tumble flow means swirling. In this technology fuel air mixture from the carburator into the engine cylinder with a swirl action. The advantage is one gets a more efficient burning of fuel hence more power and better fuel economy with lesser emissions.

Why do we not use the same technology to start both SI /CI engine

The S.I., or spark ignition engine uses petrol as a fuel and the C.I. or compression ignition engine uses diesel as a fuel. Both fuels have different compression ratios.

In SI engine, the compression ratio is 8-12:1.
In CI engine the compression ratio is 16:22:1.

So incase of SI engine, the compression ratio is not sufficient for fuel to burn so a spark plug is used, whereas in ci engine, the compression ratio is so high that due to its internal heat the fuel is combusted so there is no need for a spark plug. so the technology used in si engine is different from CI engine.

What VVTi has written on the new cars by Toyota stand for?

VVTi: Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence. It is the advanced version of the VVT engine. It changes the cam shaft position by using oil pressure. It is similar to CVVT in Hyundai.

What is PGM FI technology used in the Honda Stunner Bike? | Job Interview Questions

The development of an ECU-integrated throttle body module for an electronic fuel injection system for small motorcycles.

Honda has a goal of reducing the total emissions of HC (hydro-carbon) from new vehicles to approximately 1/3 and to further improve the average fuel economy by approximately 30 (both from 1995) by the year 2005. To realize the goal, we at Asaka R&D Center considered that the small motorcycles used in many countries in the world should be improved further for clean exhaust gas and low fuel consumption. Accordingly, we have started the development of the PGM-FI system for small motorcycles with engines of 125cc or smaller including air-cooled engines.

To ensure clean exhaust gas and high fuel economy the control of combustion through an accurate fuel supply is a must. As the conventional FI system (electronic fuel injection system) applied to motorcycles is bulky and costly its application has been mostly in large motorcycles using multi-cylinder engines.

In the newly developed PGM-FI in order to apply to small displacement models, the obstacles have been eliminated by fully using Honda’s techniques to down-size components as well as making maximum use of the FI techniques attained from the large motorcycles. The compact PGM-FI offers new benefits such as the reduction of released environmentally detrimental substances and the improvement of drivability economy etc.

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